Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)
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I'm doing Take 2 lvls so ok bcs I think you enjoy it!:D
my toughts: I was a weak kid and now I'm still weak I think world has been lying to me because the world created me as a weak person every time I wake up my eyes are ithcy my hands and my legs are hurts very bad so I never going to be a smart kid and I was bad sport and never good on the game I was so lonely for now I always never listen to myself and no friends a lot happens this years I never do my work and never listen to my mom. But now I listen to my mom and my day was a little bit better and I do my work little bit and my life is a little bit easier and then now i was color blind kid and when i hear the song that is volume 34% I can't hear because I have hearing problems and thats hope you enjoy that long because I always do the story of my life :D
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