Chill Music Mix 2020 🍃Best Music Chill Out Mix #1
Magic Music
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The 90919293 diff scale is a bit unique. Instead of a difficulty algorithm doing the work, I do it myself. Look below this text to find the general ways I rate the map diff numbers. I also made this map to announce that I will be making more diverse difficulties, not just hard maps.

1-5: BEGINNER <> Very Easy, contains basic patterns.
6-9: EASY <> Contains some faster basic patterns and the first appearance of jacks.
10-13: NORMAL <> This is a map that most somewhat experienced players can play and get decent scores on. We start to see patterns that are at 1.5-2x the bpm of the song.
14-19: HARD <> These maps are rare, but now you start to see faster jacks.
20-25: INSANE <> These are the maps that I usually make.
26-35: MAXIMUM <> Not the Maximum, just trust me on this one. These maps contain 1/8th jacks, Extrememly fast streams, and more.
36+: ULTIMATE <> Maximum but harder.
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