SSGV5: Kirby forgot the land
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Lot of notes in vthis lol also copyed and pasted title and desc
SSGV5: Kirby forgot the land
Kirby and the Forgotten Land but stupid.

Finally, the forgotten land parody is here! And in less than 2 months, isn’t that crazy?
Yeah. it's here. Its a pretty good video, i think. It exists. I would've made it sooner but there were absolutely no forgotten land models in gmod for months, so i decided to make the 20k special first. Elfilin was ported to gmod in the middle of the 20k special, and the rest of the models got ported around the snow part of this video, so that's why you see so many more enemies and 3d models around the second half. Also thank you for 30k subscribers! That's right, my channel hit 30k only a few hours before this video premiered. isn't that something?

Shoutout to Pokemewon
and my FRIEND PlasmaHat734
for voice acting in this video!

Tags: Kirby, Kirby Garry's Mod, Kirby Animation, Kirby Gmod, Kirby SFM, Kirby Cartoon, Funny Animation, Cartoon Animation

#Kirby #Gmod #KirbyGmod #KirbySFM #KirbyAnimation #Animation #GarrysMod #KirbyCartoon
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SSGV5: Kirby forgot the land
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