FRIDAY NIGHT DUSTIN' Kinemorto FULLCOMBO!! acc 99.91% (1good)
레시유튜브(FNF LNT)
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ok this is gonna be a bit sus but hear me out its based off: doki doki literature club monitor part 61 voices. its made by a person called Aliri and this has a little story to it

with ex dealing with his sentient schizophrenia he gives up and gives in to the schizophrenia causing him to go insane and luckily for monika shes out hanging with yuri but i would say otherwise for sayori. As she is out on a walk to visit natsuki she encounters BF who appears to be viewing a picture of his girlfriend who went "missing" in a sad way, sayori being the caring one attempts to cheer him up and meets an unfortunate fate while at it...
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