Rom and Death Meme | Dr. Livesey Phonk Walk | Ghostface Playa - Why Not
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if i do come back i'm def making the other last levels i had lol
Lagging? Disable animations here:
That one chad russion doctor guy that does the funny walk
ok im outta here, people just don't take a fucking hint and keep whining about the fnf levels and begging people to stop making them, even though there's literally a fucking TAG FOR THEM, and no matter how much they complain, people are still gonna make fnf levels, because they ENJOY MAKING THEM.
you know what? i was genuinely considering using the fnf tag for this just to piss off the haters, but then i realised thats genuinely kinda a dick move on my part.
so yea, one final level and then i'm done with making levels for good. i will still play some, but until people stop whining, i'm done making levels. i have been considering quitting level making for a while, mainly because i just despise all the levels i've made (except for old insanity, i liked that one), but these bastards are the whole reason why i finally decided to do so. funnily enough, i did look at a few different options for my "last level", but this absolute chad just stood out to me and i decided to go for him, so i thought "hell, if i'm gonna stop with these trash charts, i gotta go out with a bang."
so here it is. final level, and what better way to end this, than with the fucking chad himself.
good riddance haters, i'm not gonna miss you, though i did legit enjoy level making, so i might return (gotta keep pissing off the haters eventually!) but for now, i'm out.
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That one chad russion doctor guy that does the funny walk
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