GamePop Update
Update v1.16: Act 2 and Small Improvements!
Gpop Update v1.16 is here! This is a small update that introduces a second set of Gbobs, more ways to earn coins and small tweaks all around.
- Act 2 egg added! With 9 additional Gbob characters!
- Transfer coins can now send a private message
- Profile page now has a different tab for each set
- Increased Hall of Fame to 50 entries! (final limit!)
- If someone rates your level, you also receive coins!
- You now receive coins from playing single levels as well! The higher you are on the leaderboards, the more coins you will receive for your score!
- Level creators also gain coins as more players visit your level!
- Added sort for user created levels
- Added sort for tags levels
- Increased leaderboard to 30 places for classic levels (long due!)
- No lag button removes even more animations for classic mode
- Increased Gbob prices. Summer sale is over! (real reason is that more ways to get coins were added)
- Added Play History! Your leaderboard scores will be available in your profile, as well as how many coins you received for the score!
- Challenge mode "see all" has been changed to "Recently Cleared", i.e. a continuation of what is shown on the frontpage, instead of newly created challenge levels

- Leaderboard users are now linked to their profile
- Added no lag button for StarRoad Mode
- Will add no lag button for tokyo mode too

Other improvements/fixes:
- fixed daily dare bugs
- fixed views bug
- patched vulnerabilities
- Notification user links to profile page now
- Small improvement of the looks
- More stuff that I forgot
- Fixed history not showing more for ur own account

I wanted to add another set of Gbobs because Act 1 didn't have too many dancers to pick from. Two sets makes it much more interesting! However, please don't expect a new set every 2 months, that will certainly not happen XD
The update is ongoing so I will be adding more things. Since I don't need to reset the servers I can update bit by bit this time xd
Update v1.15: Private Rooms and G-Shop Coins!
Gpop Update v1.15 is here! This is a two-in-one BIG update that introduces two new ways to play GamePop: private room multiplayer and G-Shop Coins!

Players can now create private multiplayer rooms in Classic Mode to play with friends, instead of playing in public lobbies. How it works:
- You can create a room from the "create room" option
- You can send the quick link of the room to a friend to join
- Or your friend can find the private room in the "private rooms" tab
- A room without a password can be found and joined by anyone
- A room with a password will be "locked" and will require a password (duh)
- The creator of the room is the moderator of the room
- The moderator can select levels and start the game!
- The moderator will be given to another user if the creator leaves
- You can search levels to play
- You do not earn any coins from private multiplayer rooms

The second big update is the addition of user profiles, G-Shop, G-Shop coins, and Gbobs!
- User profiles are now available by clicking a username
- All players now have an avatar in the form of Gbobs!
- You can purchase Gbobs Eggs from G-Shop using coins
- Each Gbobs Egg contains 1 random Gbob
- The first set of Gbobs have a total of 61 variations
- Your Gbob will appear in multiplayer rooms and in your profile
- You can earn coins from playing in public servers
- You can also earn coins from rating levels!
- You can transfer coins to another player
- You can also transfer items (eggs, Gbobs) to another player

Other improvements/fixes:
- Added creation date to levels (under title)
- Login/Sign up issue fixed
- Video syncing improvement?
- General improvement of the looks
- Added a /mute functionality
- Increased max of favorites
- Increased max of notifications
- You can only rate levels if you are at least lv.8
- Capped the max streak multiplier to x2 in multiplayer!
- Other stuff that I don't remember
- jaskdlfljasdf
- An update page (duh)

the max streak multiplier in multiplayer is capped to x2, to make the game competitive until the very end! Please let me know if that is fine!

For those of you wondering how some players have coins already. Well, coins were earned by players in multiplayer ever since last update (or the update before, forgot lol)! It wasn't shown however, because they had no use yet haha. Anyway, let me know if this is fun!

It took a few months to get this ready xd I am glad it's done! Please let me know if there are any bugs on Discord! You can also meet new friends there too :D
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